Plant Details

Scientific Name: *Lotononis bainesii
  • Pronunciation: low-ton-OWN-is BAINS-ee-eye
  • Common Name: Lotononis
  • Type: Ground cover
  • Family: Fabaceae
  • Status: Weed
  • Size: Prostrate
  • Flowers: Dense, globular Raceme of yellow pea flowers
  • Fruit: Pod, 8-12mm long, Linear, turgid and hairy
  • Vegetation Type: Often seen on nature strips.
  • Species List: Cooloothin Corner, Girraween, Mill Point, Weeds, Heritage Park

Cultural Notes

Introduced from southern Africa as a pasture Plant.

Landscaping Notes


  • *Lotononis bainesii
  • *Lotononis bainesii
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