Plant Details

Scientific Name: Lepironia articulata
  • Pronunciation: lep-er-OWN-ee-ah ah-tick-ewe-LAR-tah
  • Common Name: Grey Rush
  • Type: Sedge, aquatic Herb
  • Family: Cyperaceae
  • Size: to 2.3 metres
  • Fruit: Brown Nut
  • Vegetation Type: Freshwater Wetland,
  • Species List: EdingtonDr, Cooroibah, Bush food, Craft, NLTalks2010, Peregian Boardwalk, SRR NNP, Cooroy Mill Site, SRR, Fraser Island, Girraween, Heritage Park, Regional Ecosystem 12.2.15. aquatic Plant,

Cultural Notes

TAKE CARE! Some information about bush foods and medicines may be anecdotal. Correct identification and preparation is essential: Source of Fibre. Bush food: Woody underground stems harvested by North Queensland aborigines. 

Identification Notes

Tall grey Sedge of Everglades Bracts shining brown to nearly black Bract: modified Leaf at base of Flower

Landscaping Notes

Tall clumps of beautiful blue/grey foliage - will grow in Water.

Feature foliage

Successfully propagated by Barung Landcare

Associated Fauna

Wallum Sedge Frog. Known food Plant of Ground Parrots.

  • Lepironia articulata
  • Lepironia articulata
  • Lepironia articulata
  • Lepironia articulata
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