Plant Details

Scientific Name: Aegiceras corniculatum
  • Pronunciation: age-ee-SAIR-us cor-nick-ewe-LAR-tum
  • Common Name: Goats horn Mangrove
  • Derivation: Aegiceras: corniculatum: little-horned
  • Type: Shrub/Tree Mangrove
  • Status: PROTECTED (Dept.of Fisheries)
  • Size: 3 metres
  • Flowers: White in clusters, Summer
  • Fruit: Horn-shaped 7.5 cm
  • Vegetation Type: Tidal Wetland. 
  • Species List: Bush food, Bush medicine, St. Teresa's, Janet, Mangrove, Cooroibah Conservation Park, Cooroibah Bushland Reserve, Janet, Cranks Creek, NNS, BHNR, Lake Cooroibah West, Regional Ecosystem 12.1.3.

Cultural Notes

TAKE CARE! Some information about bush foods and medicines may be anecdotal. Correct identification and preparation is essential: Sticks used as oyster stakes Honey Production: extra white, honey source major Pollen source major. Timber used for hut building and firewood. Bush Food: Salt collected from Leaves. Bush Medicine: Juice used to treat ear infections. 

Identification Notes

Salt crystals visible on Leaf surface

Associated Fauna

Host Plant: White lineblue butterfly.

  • Aegiceras corniculatum
  • Aegiceras corniculatum
  • Aegiceras corniculatum
  • Aegiceras corniculatum
  • Aegiceras corniculatum
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