Plant Details

Scientific Name: *Ipomoea cairica
  • Pronunciation: eye-poe-MEE-ah 
  • Common Name: Mile-a-Minute
  • Type: creeper, Vine
  • Status: Weed This introduced Plant has escaped into local bushland. Without natural predators to keep it in check, it is out-competing native Species.
  • Flowers: mauve in stalked clusters, funnel-shaped, lavender-deeper inside.
  • Species List: Noosa's Worst Weeds, Boreen Point Caravan Park, Girraween, Cooroibah Conservation Park, Cooroibah Bushland Reserve, weeds, NNS, TAFE, BHNR

Cultural Notes

Native of tropical Asia and Africa

Identification Notes

Leaves deeply divided into 5-7 lobes.

Landscaping Notes

CONTROL METHODS: REMOVAL: Remove every part of the Plant - hand-pull seedlings. Replace with: Callerya megasperma, Hibbertia scandens, Tecomanthe hillii, Pandorea spp., Hardenbergia violaceae.

Associated Fauna

spread by birds

  • *Ipomoea cairica
  • *Ipomoea cairica
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